At Oberon Grill we strive to offer the best quality and experience that we can present. Starting with hand selected raw product; we make clean, unprocessed food our goal. With clarity of ingredients we highlight classic offerings with Local flavors and Highlights. All Steaks cooked to Order, and some of the Offerings from the sea as well. Undercooked food may be harmful...the FDA is correct. But, Life tastes Good

Our Specialties

Choice Cuts Char-Broiled to Order. Prime Rib on Saturday nights. 100% Local Grass fed Burgers

Our Grill

Enjoy Old Town

Our Team


Light offerings with a selection of house made dressings allow for fresh and full flavor


From Fish and Chips to Seared Ahi Steaks. We offer fresh local Oysters, Fresh Crab and the Bounty of the Sea

Oberon Grill was started by the Kohl Family in 2008. Roy and Susan Kohl have operated businesses in Old Town since the 1980s. With their son, Nicholas, they have sought to present a celebration of Old Town's history and future. Comfortable and quality dining continue to be their goal. The Full Bar is in the honored hands of Francine Appleby & Josie Davis, who collaborate to craft balanced and flavorful cocktails inspired by classics.


We offer a variety of local brews in the bottle or on tap. Full bar and Craft Cocktails